Design Development and Pre-Construction services

We are meticulous with each new project from the start. We begin by working through drawings with attention to quality, sustainability, possible valued engineering, and scheduling strategy. Our bid team strives to make sure that all options are considered before construction begins. This process gives us a competitive edge on creating aggressive timelines and real budgets.

Documentation and Timeline

We provide highly qualified full-time onsite project managers on each project. Our team pushes internally from our offices and onsite to create clear and aggressive timelines. We work from strategic schedules, daily logs, 2-week lookaheads, and require regular onsite meetings with all key parties. We provide and secure detailed photos of all key construction elements to protect and clearly document the integrity of the entire construction process.

Construction Consulting

Throughout the years we have found ourselves in almost every situation imaginable – from coastal seawalls and foundations to difficult hillside construction. Because of this, we get requests to consult for our clients on projects located in their favorite vacation areas around the country. We give our clients the confidence to qualify costs, source crews, and properly document their projects.

We Zoom

It is not easy for some of our busy clients to visit the actual worksite for updates. With Zoom, we bring the construction site to them. All sites are set up with adequate internet services to allow our onsite meetings to be effective and productive for all involved, whether they are in the country or not.

Scanlon Construction


For 3 generations, the Scanlon team has built many of the most difficult designs in Los Angeles. With these projects, we have had the pleasure of working with the most creative architects in the world. One look at our portfolio and you will see that we are dedicated to form, function and sustainability. Our projects are as beautiful as they are structurally sound and eco-friendly. 


We are fully insured and take every precaution necessary to avoid injury. From routine site inspections to safety meetings and protective gear, we take safety seriously. We have also created one of the safest Covid-19 prevention and accountability programs in the industry. Every project has onsite wash stations, thermometers, signage, and tracking info to keep all parties safe during this historic time.


We strive to provide full transparency of the process. We believe that this is the only way to create long-lasting relationships and trust with our clients. We regularly provide contracts and/or estimates upon client request.